Amed Pyramids

A beautiful site almost straight out the door of Bali Dive Cove! In the early 1990’s the local fishermen dropped down hollow concrete pyramid structures (hence the name) from the height of 1m to 2.5m. These pyramids are dotted across the bottom of the whole dive site creating an abundance of life.

You can see anything here from schools of snapper, surgeon fish, many types of trigger fish and fusiliers swimming around. Look a bit closer and you will spot Nudibranches, giant sea cucumbers, camouflage groupers, moray eels, leaf scorpionfish, pygmy seahorse and octopus. There is usually a current present here (depending on the tides) making it a gentle drift dive starting out in a vast garden of dusky garden eels, which then brings you to see blue spotted sting rays crusing the sandy bottom waiting around the cleaning station which is full of cleaner shrimps and wrasse. Drift a bit further and you are left free to wander around the pyramid structures. Hawks bill and green turtles are frequently spotted here and if you are lucky maybe a visit from a giant barracuda, reef sharks or even giant trevallys!

DSCN2407.jpg pyramids.jpg P9123033.jpg DSCN2524.jpg P6190195.jpg P6190218.jpg
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